Trump says defense secretary could be leaving


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Speaking to reporter Lesley Stahl on CBS’ “60 Minutes” for a segment to be aired Sunday, President Donald Trump signaled more changes are coming to his Cabinet, and Secretary of Defense James Mattis could be leaving before long.

In the course of the interview, Stahl asked Trump if Mattis was about to leave. Trump responded, “I have a very good relationship with [Mattis].” He added, “I think he’s sort of a Democrat, if you want to know the truth, but General Mattis is a good guy.” The president went on to say “everybody leaves” the administration at some time.

Rumors have been flying for over a month that Mattis is on his way out, particularly after Bob Woodward’s book, “Fear, Trump in the White House” was released. Mattis said in a Sept. 4 statement that “the contemptuous words about the President attributed to me in Woodward’s book were never uttered by me or in my presence,” calling the book “fiction.”

Mattis, who is often seen as one of the president’s most steady and independent cabinet members, has been a low-profile counter to Trump’s frequently controversial stances on US allies’ policies or actions.

Another individual expected to leave is Attorney General Jeff Sessions with whom Trump has long expressed his displeasure.


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