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Kansas City Star - Left Center BiasLEFT-CENTER BIAS

These media sources have a slight to moderate liberal bias.  They often publish factual information that utilizes loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes) to favor liberal causes.  These sources are generally trustworthy for information, but may require further investigation. See all Left-Center sources.

Factual Reporting: HIGH
World Press Freedom Rank: USA 45/180


Founded in 1880, The Kansas City Star is a broadsheet newspaper based in Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States. The paper has been the recipient of eight Pulitzer Prizes. The current editor is Mike Fannin.

Funded by / Ownership

The newspaper is owned by McClatchy, which owns 29 newspapers across 14 states in the USA. The paper is funded through an advertising and subscription model.

Analysis / Bias

In review, The Kansas City Star reports local news through the use of journalists and National news through the Associated Press. There is minimal use of loaded language in news reporting and all information is properly sourced. Editorially, the Kansas City Star almost always endorses Democratic Presidential candidates.

A factual search reveals the Kansas City Star has never failed a fact check by an IFCN fact checker.

Overall, we rate the Kansas City Star Left-Center biased based on editorial positions that favor the left and High for factual reporting due to proper sourcing. (5/18/2016) Updated (D. Van Zandt 9/01/2018)



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