Russian hackers targeted U.S. conservative think-tanks, says Microsoft


(Reuters) – Hackers linked to Russia’s government tried to target the websites of two right-wing U.S. think-tanks, suggesting they were broadening their attacks in the build-up to November elections, Microsoft said on Monday.

The software giant said it had thwarted the attempts last week by taking control of sites that hackers had designed to mimic the pages of The International Republican Institute and The Hudson Institute. Users were redirected to fake pages where they were asked to enter usernames and passwords.

As well as the two think-tanks, other home pages had been set up to mimic the websites of the U.S. Senate and Microsoft’s own Office software suite, it added.

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1 Comment on Russian hackers targeted U.S. conservative think-tanks, says Microsoft

  1. After over a year and a half, all we’ve had is a vague series allegations of some sort of “interference.” This tale really has run its course. Both candidates were opposed by much of their own voting bases, for some of the same reasons. Roughly half of all registered voters rejected both. In the end, Clinton got the most votes, but Trump got the most electoral votes (Google it) — something a foreign entity couldn’t hack, steal, influence, etc., etc.

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