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Daily Stormer wants Readers to Harass the Funeral of Heather Heyer


Photo: Daily Stormer website

The Daily Stormer, one of the most prominent Neo Nazi websites in America and one of the websites which helped organize the Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville has reportedly encouraged viewers to target the funeral of slain counter-protester Heather Heyer.

Heather Heyer, a civil rights activist was killed during the disorder when a car driven by a self-proclaimed white supremacist deliberately smashed into left-wing counter protesters. The accused James Fields, 20, from Ohio has been arrested.

Andrew Auernheimer, a senior member of the Daily Stormer was reportedly encouraging fellow readers to harass the funeral of Heather Heyer. Known by the online name as ‘weev’, Andrew, reportedly wanted to see readers on the ground at the funeral.

“What’s the location of the fat skank’s funeral … get on it, e-sleuths. I’d do it myself but slammed with current logistical issues. I want to get people on the ground there.”” Andrew said, according to a screenshot shared by Laura Loomer of The Rebel.

The site has since been removed by GoDaddy and denied by Google. It temporarily moved to the dark web and is now online with a Russian domain.

By Aaron O’Leary – Media Bias Fact Check