Election Poll Update: Trump cutting into Clinton’s Lead in Pennsylvania


Trump & Clinton
The most recent polling coming out of Pennsylvania shows a tightening race. Clinton is currently holding on to a +2.5 Real Clear Politics Poll Average lead. This would place her lead right into the margin of error of most polls. Keep in mind that during the entire month of October, Clinton was always above a +5 lead. The most recent poll from Pennsylvania by Harper shows a tie and the polls before it showing a trend toward Trump. If the election were held today and Trump managed to win Pennsylvania he would still come up short in electoral votes. Trump will have to win either Colorado or Florida to push to 270. Currently, Clinton holds a 1 point lead in Florida and a 3 point lead in Colorado. Both of these are within the margin of error. Unless there is significant changes over the next few days this election will be a nail biter to the end.

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